How to merge corpus in llvm-mc--fuzzer

Version:LLVM-15 release

I’m a newbie, after ran llvm-mc-fuzzer, I wanted to merge corpus, but some errors occured. could you give me a hand? thanks
merge comand:

mkdir corpus
mkdir corpus_min
llvm-mc-disassebmle-fuzzer --fuzzer-args -max_total_time=1 corpus
llvm-mc-disassebmle-fuzzer --fuzzer-args -merge corpus_min corpus

llvm-mc-disaeemble-fuzzer: Unknown comand line argument ‘-merge_control_file=/tmp/file/libFuzzerTemp.Mergexxx.txt’. Try: ‘xxxxx/llvm-mc-disassemble-fuzer --help’

and so did llvm-mc-assemble-fuzzer, but others didn’t like this(clang-as-fuzzer)

Xiao Rik