How to preserve command history?


I've just tried using lldb on Ubuntu* and I couldn't get the command
history to work. More specifically, the command history was not
preserved between the sessions. IIUC, one has to create the lldb-history
file for this to work:

mkdir -p ~/.lldb/
touch ~/.lldb/lldb-history

This is rather non-obvious and AFAIK undocumented solution (and very
different to what's required with GDB).

Is there a better way to achieve this? Would it make sense to update the
docs with this information (e.g.
lldb – The Debugger — The LLDB Debugger)? I'm happy to
submit a patch.


* lldb-8 on Ubuntu 16.04
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LLDB is explicitly creating the .lldb directory for the user (see Editline.cpp -> GetHistoryFilePath). Is this also happening in a more recent LLDB version? It’s working for me on the latest release on Arch.

Cheers for your quick reply! You're probably referring to this:

That's a fairly recent change so that explains why it didn't work for me
with lldb-8. I've also checked lldb-10 on Arch and that indeed works
out-of-the-box. Guess I need to make sure I always use the latest and