how to prevent some instruction from scheduling?

I wrote the following IR code:"

call @fesetround int32 0x400
%result = call @llvm.rint.f32 f32 value
call @fesetround int32 0x0


However, when the IR is JITed, “llvm.rint.f32” is translated to “roundps” and scheduled out of the two fesetround call. The final native code looks like:"

movabs , %rax
mov 0x400, %rdi
call *%rax
xor %rdi, %rdi
call *%rax
roundps 0x4 %mmx0, %mmx0


Is there any way to stop the optimization pass from scheduling the “llvm.rint.f32” out of two ‘fesetround’ calls? Or is there any other way to solve this problem?

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