how to profilea LLVM JITed code

Hi all:

I am using llvm 3.3, which was compiled using the following configure options:

../llvm-3.3.src/configure -``-with``-gcc``-toolchain``=/home/admin/jianzhang.zj/gcc-4.8.2``-install -``-prefix``=/home/admin/jianzhang.zj/llvm/llvm``-install``-3 -``-enable``-optimized -``-enable``-debug``-runtime -``-enable``-debug``-symbols -``-disable``-assertions -``-with``-oprofile``=/usr/local/ -``-enable``-profiling

then I compiled the Fibonacci example in the llvm source code, and I run the profiling using the command below:

$ operf ./fibonacci 40

and then opreport:

$ opreport -l

samples % image name symbol name
147735 98.5360 anon (tgid:46343 range:0x7f9cdd4de000-0x7f9cdd55dfff) anon (tgid:46343 range:0x7f9cdd4de000-0x7f9cdd55dfff)

as we see, there is a ‘anon’ in the result, the profiling result is not as I expected.

Can anyone tell me how to profiling llvm JITed code?

I hope hearing from you soon, thanks