How to report bugs?


I’ve submitted a bug one month ago[1], but it still haven’t seen any action. Did I create it properly?

There are bug submission process instructions listed on



You’re probably doing the right thing :slight_smile: Make more noise.

In this case it looks like the quit command in the init file isn’t working if there are other commands in front of it. Just the command you listed, or have you tried other commands in front of it?

Does the command in front of it possibly have an issue? Have you tried running that part by itself? Maybe the crashlog command is hanging the system? (i.e. is quit not running maybe because the system is never finishing the crashlog command?)

If you can do a bit of that research and put it in the bug, it may be enough activation energy to get somebody familiar with that part of the system to jump on it.

Thanks for filing the bug, Michail!

Todd Fiala