how to run a single test?

Is it possible to run a single clang test? How?


AMDG wrote:

Is it possible to run a single clang test? How?
You can pass the file name to

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Steven Watanabe

For example to test ../Sema/init.c on Windows I use:

python D:/Dev/llvm/llvm_trunk/utils/lit/ -sv --no-progress-bar

I have "lit" aliased to "~/llvm/utils/lit/ -v" which allows me to just type "lit test/Sema/init.c".


Thanks for all the tips. Now I see this *is* documented here but only under the Windows Visual
Studio section! I test on Linux so I wasn't looking there :slight_smile:
How about just putting the bits starting with "To run all the tests from
the command line" into a common section titled "Running the tests from
the command line"? Docs are much more useful when you can find the
info in them :slight_smile:


Sure, feel free to fix it, just commit to clang/www and the webpage autoupdates.


Done :slight_smile: rev 112972.


So, that's how that works. I was wondering if it would be possible to easily update the C++0x status chart. I'm guessing that's the approved method?