How to run llvm lnt performance test between 2 revisions

Hi All,

I have a basic question. I want to compare 2 clang binaries one with a patch and one without patch for performance.

I went though and and followed the steps to generate the reports for both the binaries but i was unable to compare the 2 results. Upon seeing the options under-

ln runtest nt --help it seems i need to set cc as clang with patch and cc-reference and clang without patch.

I tried the following command -

lnt runtest nt
–sandbox SANDBOX
–cc ~/Opensource/rbuild/bin/clang
–cxx ~/Opensource/rbuild/bin/clang++
–test-suite ~/llvm-test-suite

but this gave me an error as follows-
“lnt: error: --cc-reference is unused with --simple” .

Could someone please let me know the correct approach and command to compare reports generated for 2 clang binaries(1 with patch/changes and other as base revision).

Thanks for the help.


Karthik Bhat