How to run regression tests for ARM?

Hello. I experience a problem when I try to run LLVM tests on the ARM “Beagle” board with Debian Lenny installed on it. When I execute “make check”, I get the following output:`

I got this email 9 times at a difference of a few minutes, did you send
it that many times, or something wrong with the mailing list?

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Sorry for such bits of spam, I did have an issue with the mailing list on
When I tried to submit the mail via, I received HTTP error
500 with a complete Java exception backtrace. Unfortunately, I didn't save
the error log.

Regards, Vadim.

Török Edwin wrote:


Please explain what are such tools as "not", "count" and "FileCheck" that for
sure do not exist on my system. ||

they come with LLVM (see the utils subdirectory) and should be built when you
build LLVM.