how to see implicit calls in AST


Any hints how to visit implicit destructor calls by RecursiveASTVisitor?

As a check I used clang-check tool and tried to see destructor calls for state1 in function "check"
class TestModeRAII {
   bool &Ref;
   bool OldState;

   explicit TestModeRAII(bool& State):Ref(State), OldState(State) {}

   ~TestModeRAII() { Ref = OldState; }

   static void check(bool &state) {
     if (state) {
       TestModeRAII state1(state);
       state = false;

Object lifetimes aren't modeled in the AST, so I'm afraid not. (I
think there's code in the static analyzer for this, but I'm not
familiar with it.)

-- James

Ok. Thanks.