How to set LangOptions for AST Matcher (bool vs _Bool)

Is there any way how to setup LangOptions for AST matcher? We have following matcher:

static llvm::cl::OptionCategory OptionCategory("options");

class CMatcherCallback : public MatchFinder::MatchCallback
     virtual void run(const MatchFinder::MatchResult& result) override
         if (const CXXMethodDecl* method = result.Nodes.getNodeAs<CXXMethodDecl>("id"))

int main(int argc, const char** argv)
     tooling::CommonOptionsParser optionsParser(argc, argv, OptionCategory);
     tooling::ClangTool tool(optionsParser.getCompilations(),

     CMatcherCallback callback;
     MatchFinder finder;
                             hasParameter(0, parmVarDecl(hasType(asString("bool")))))
     int ret =;

     return ret;

It doesn't match this method:

class CTest
   void Method(bool);

It does match when we change type from hasParameter(0, parmVarDecl(hasType(asString("bool")))))
to "_Bool". So it seems matcher is in C instead of C++ mode? Thank you for any suggestion...
  Best regards
Jan Rysavy