How to set project root directory while compiling a file using Clang


My C++ project root directory is /x/local/anilkumar/code/....

I want to compile a file at /x/local/anilkumar/code/abc/abc_case1/test.cpp.
Also note that I will be including the other header files with following way
#include "abc/dba/check.h"
#include "xyz/adbc/check2.h"

Currently I am getting error find the files (check.h and check2.h) which are
included while compiling test.cpp file using clang.

Could you please let me know how to set the base directory path for my
project for compiling using clang.



One way is to add your project root to include path using
`-I${my_project_root}` so you can include them using relative path to
project root.

Xin Huang

Thanks Xin Huang. It worked