How to specify LIBRARY_PATH for cross compiler


In clang/lib/Driver/Tools.cpp the -B<LIBRARY_PATH> option is only supported for native compilers. How do we specify the LIBRARY_PATH for cross compilers?

The following code snipped from Tools.cpp is what controls support for -B option for native compilers:
if (!TC.isCrossCompiling())
addDirectoryList(Args, CmdArgs, “-L”, “LIBRARY_PATH”);

I tried specifying the LIBRARY_PATH using the -L option but that does not work.



Hi Mandeep,

Can you provide more information? How are you cross compiling, what
libraries do you want to find, and what is your target system.

I'm assuming this is x86_64 -> AArch64. I'm also assuming you read the
two documentations we have about cross compiling: