How to specify /winsysroot argument without using clang-cl?

I am using clang for cross compiling Windows applications from Linux. I have been using clang with -target x86_64-pc-windows and a bunch of -I and -L flags pointing to folders from the Windows SDK and CRT downloaded using xwin. Recently I came to know about the /winsysroot flag of clang-cl which has helped to reduce the arguments that should be passed to clang. However since I am on Linux I prefer clang to clang-cl because of the weird Windows-style arguments of clang-cl. So is there a way to specify the /winsysroot argument without using clang-cl ? I have found the --sysroot flag of clang but it seems it doesn’t work with Windows targets (it would have been nice if --sysroot became equivalent to /winsysroot with Windows targets)

I don’t think any command-line flag for clang exists that’s equivalent to clang-cl /winsysroot at the moment. Relevant code: llvm-project/MSVC.cpp at 0258f566466268704caa2476f20e4a87a6257d06 · llvm/llvm-project · GitHub . I agree it would make sense to treat --sysroot as equivalent; patch welcome.

I have opened an issue here