how to stream output of addPassesToEmitMC

Hi llvmdev,

I am still using llvm 2.9. The function addPassesToEmitMC in 3.0 takes a extra parameter to specify the raw stream for the emitter to emit code. However in 2.9, there is no such a parameter. How shall I do if want to pass a raw_stream object?

llvm 2.9
// addPassesToEmitMC - Add passes to the specified pass manager to get
/// machine code emitted with the MCJIT. This method returns true if machine
/// code is not supported. It fills the MCContext Ctx pointer which can be
/// used to build custom MCStreamer.
bool LLVMTargetMachine::addPassesToEmitMC(PassManagerBase &PM,
MCContext *&Ctx,
CodeGenOpt::Level OptLevel,
bool DisableVerify)