How to suggest a very simple patch?

I found two of duplicated call in code (need to review). but no one answer to my question. if they were correct that duplicated call, how to I suggest let this patch? thanks!

To submit your own patch:

And if the question is more, how can I suggest that someone else fix this, you could add a comment to ping the bug and see if that gets it some attention.

But really if you can, the best way is to submit a patch that removes these calls, and see if the reviewers disagree with doing that.

I wonder if LLVM has any limitations for short patches, like one-line patches. I have experience with gcc not accepting one-line patches.

As far as I know there is no limitation on how long/short a patch needs to be. I sometimes have to submit one-liners as well :slight_smile:

@Pierre-vh thanks!!