How to suppress a specific warning:" dllexport attribute ignored"

Can you please advise a Clang newbie how to suppress this warning message (compiling successfully an
application including Boost.Units and hence Boost.Serialization):

In file included from i:/boost-trunk\boost/serialization/nvp.hpp:34:
i:/boost-trunk\boost/serialization/void_cast_fwd.hpp In file included from
:29:1: warning: dllexport attribute ignored
i:/boost-trunk\boost/serialization/force_include.hpp:37:43: note: expanded from macro
# define BOOST_DLLEXPORT __declspec(dllexport)
<built-in>:150:38: note: expanded from macro '__declspec'
#define __declspec(a) __attribute__((a))
1 warning generated.

(I don't want to use -nowarnings - other warnings might be helpful).



PS As several people are now compiling Boost with Clang, any general information and recommendations
about suppressing unhelpful warnings would be helpful to update

I didn't yet find a *full* list of warnings:
Individual Warning Groups
TODO: Generate this from tblgen. Define one anchor per warning group.