How to suppress error reports from the external libraries in compiler-rt?

Hi, every one.

When I change the compiler of a project from gcc to clang, I met a problem about aligned_alloc. aligned_alloc accepts two arguments, one for alignment and another for size.
The standard document says that the size must be integral multiple of alignment. But the gcc allows more relaxing restriction.

Now I met a external library which depend on this behavior, which would fail when the ASanityChecker checks it. And I can not modify the codes in that library to generate a new library.
So I want to suppres the asanity check for aligned_alloc. I know here is a document (AddressSanitizer — Clang 16.0.0git documentation).
However, it doesn’t work when I try to write:


I also tried to write the function name who call aligned_alooc. But it doesn’t work, too.

I know I need to ask to something like compiler-rt dev mailing list. But I didn’t find it. So I ask it here.