How to translate ISA of LLVM dinamically!

      * I want to translate ISA of LLVM to another kind of ISA one by
        one,for example,I write a loader which can load ".o" file which
        is generated by "llvm-gcc abc.c -emit-llvm -c",and then I want
        to analysis it and translate it to another kind of ISA
        dinamically!Unforunately,I have not found any binary encoding
        information about LLVM's ISA,so it's impossible for me to
        implement it now.

This is the wrong list; please use llvmdev for questions like this.
Also, please don't quote a bunch of random emails in a new thread.

That said, I guess you're looking for
LLVM Bitcode File Format — LLVM 16.0.0git documentation ? Although, I'm not entirely
sure what you're trying to do.