How to use arcanist to download a patch that depends on other patches?


The current guidelines explain how to download someone else’s patch via arc patch D<revision>. This assumes that the given revision is rebased on main. However there is no documentation on how to download a patch that depends on other (potentially already landed) patches.

For example, I’m trying to download and land this patch with arc patch D145312. This leads to cherry-pick conflicts. When I solve them, HEAD is not at revision D145312, instead it’s at the base of the chain (D144216).

Could we expand the documentation to explain how to work with this type of use case? I have done some search on Google but I cannot find anything (or rather I am not formulating the problem correctly). The lack of documentation severely delays landing of patches.


If you have to solve conflict, the chain of patches isn’t properly rebased and you should ask the author to do so.

(alternatively, the raw patches are always available, you can apply them one after each other manually, after revolving conflicts along the way)

Thanks for the quick answer! I’ll ask the author then :slight_smile:

What i found easiest is, Go to the review and right click on Download Raw Diff,
copy that link of Download raw diff.
in linux go to llvm-project and use wget on that link it will download whole patch.
and just use git apply “patch”, and let git handle few things