How to use -ds-aa in llvm

Hi all,

I’m trying to use DSA alias analysis in LLVM. Is -ds-aa pass in poolalloc?
I’m trying to build poolalloc, but I found a post saying that “The -ds-aa pass was removed from poolalloc”.
How can I use -ds-aa pass?

Thank you.

Dear Kai,

I believe we disabled the -ds-aa pass in DSA. It would not take much for someone to revive it, but no one in our research group was using it, so we deprecated it.

You can still use the DSGraphs directly for performing the alias queries, though, if you can get DSA compiled for your particular version of LLVM. It works with LLVM 3.2, and we have an LLVM 3.7 version at

I think we'll get the SVN version updated, but that's for a GSoC student, and first I need to get out from underneath end-of-semester grading.


John Criswell