How to use single interface for multiple types


I have to pass different values to my instrumented function based on types. Right now this is what I am doing -

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if (fpConstant_op0->getTypeID() == Type::FloatTyID && fpConstant_op1->getTypeID() == Type::DoubleTyID) |
HandleOp = M->getOrInsertFunction(“handleOp_fd”, void_ptr_ty, int_ty, float_ty, double_ty); |
else if (fpConstant_op0->getTypeID() == Type::DoubleTyID && fpConstant_op1->getTypeID() == Type::FloatTyID) |
HandleOp = M->getOrInsertFunction(“handleOp_df”, void_ptr_ty, int_ty, double_ty, float_ty); |
else if (fpConstant_op0->getTypeID() == Type::DoubleTyID && fpConstant_op1->getTypeID() == Type::DoubleTyID) |
HandleOp = M->getOrInsertFunction(“handleOp_dd”, void_ptr_ty, int_ty, double_ty, double_ty); |

I am having different functions based on types. My handles look like this

extern “C” void* handleOp_fd(size_t opCode, float op1, double op2)
extern “C” void* handleOp_df(size_t opCode, double op1, float op2)
extern “C” void* handleOp_dd(size_t opCode, double op1, double op2)

How can I unify this?. Instead of having many functions based on types, I want to have only one function and pass different values with their types.
Any help would be much appreciated.