How to "use" the LLVM API?


I currently work with the LLVM API in the C language and try to program a compiler for my own simple programming language, but it is very hard for me to work with the LLVM API. The concept behind creating a frontend and use the LLVM API with the complete LLVM backend is great, but to puzzle over the API calls is very tiring. :expressionless:

My current state:
Yesterday I solved the problem of assigning a text to a new created heap i8 array indirect with the help of the strncpy stdlib function. But how to access the "last" array element for terminating sign is unclear for me. Do not want to use strcat for this case, it have to be easier. ^^ Creating a simple c file and converting it to LLVM IR does not help, because it does not saying anything about the related API calls to create this LLVM IR.

Is there any good documentation about "using" the LLVM API?
Do I anything fundamental wrong in the kind of working with the API documentation?
I found this kind of Kaleidoscope tutorial, but it do not answer my questions. The plain API documentation is complete, but does not say about the "using" these calls. For example LLVMBuildArrayMalloc(...):
Checking the parameters from LLVMBuildArrayMalloc shows up that it is ideal for creating an dynamic heap array, but it has no description and most of the API call signatures are not that easy to identify like the malloc call.

I would love to see help for these simple standard cases:
- How to assign a text to a string variable?
- How to access for example the 4th element in a heap-allocated array?
- How to create local variables which are not part of the global scope?
- How to create complex structures like classes and objects?
- and so on

Some hints in the internet say tht I should move my "problems" into C language, so writing functions for my compiler in plain C and link this file to the compiler, so there is less need for knowing how to do things in the LLVM API. But I want to write everything with the API, because it is full type safe and it does make more sence for me. It is currently harder for me to use the LLVM API than to create a workable new programming language, should be vice versa. ^^

Thanks in advance for help. :slight_smile:

Best regards,