how to write/read a 32bits-location info?

now I need to write a programe like the sourcelocation of clang.and I design a method that 16bits for fileid and last 16bits for LineNO,but how can I write/read a 32bits-location info? need for help !

If you need general help programming, this is a wrong place for generic help in programming. If you're a university student, usually they'll have a computer lab with people that can offer assistance. Beyond that, there are many resources on the web, comp.lang.c is a discussion group (see to get into that group) that may be appropriate. If you need specific help in using clang, you'd have to explain in detail what you are doing, what you want to do, what it doesn't do and how exactly you want to change it, along with the part of the problem you need specific help with. For example, int16_t is one way to get a 16-bit value, if you want a 32-bit value, just use int32_t. If that doesn't answer your question, you'll need to write more for us to understand the question.