Howto Guide on Porting the LLVM Assembler

Hi Everyone,

I have been implementing the integrated assembler for the OpenRISC 1000

Whilst doing this I noticed a lack of documentation around this area. To
help others, I have written a how to guide which uses the OpenRISC 1000
as an example.

This can be downloaded from

I hope this document proves useful. Any feedback would be very much

Many Thanks,
Simon Cook

Wow this is awesome! Would it be okay if we linked to this from

-- Sean Silva

Yes, please do.


Committed as r166106. Thanks!

In the future, you might consider writing this documentation within
LLVM's docs instead of hosting it separately. That way it will
(hopefully) be updated if API's change, along with being able to be
reviewed and edited by other community members. Another benefit is
that you can write it in reStructuredText, which is a lot nicer than
DocBook XML.

-- Sean Silva