Needs review.

Implemented missing trigonometric optimization in llvm.

Here we have implemented the following missing trigonometric optimizations.

  1. tan(x)*cos(x)=sin(x)
  2. sin(x)cos(x) = sin(2x)/2
  3. sin(x)/tan(x)=cos(x);
  4. tan(x)/sin(x)=1/cos(x);

Hi Adil - welcome to the LLVM community!

The documentation on submitting a patch via Phabricator has some tips
on finding code reviewers:
Looking in CODE_OWNERS.txt I can see that David Majnemer is code owner
for InstCombine, so he should at least be added as a reviewer. Looking
at commits to InstructionCombining.cpp it looks like Craig Topper may
be another appropriate reviewer.

Unless the patch is particularly controversial (this requiring an RFC
or wider community feedback), you're best to add llvm-commits and
reviewers following the above guidance, then wait for a week or so. If
you're not getting any response after a couple of pings then it may be
worth bringing it to the mailing list. I also try to highlight patches
that are either stuck awaiting review or from first time contributors
in the "Review Corner" section of LLVM Weekly. More info and a
submission form here:

I hope that helps,