I add utf8 meta for all html documents:)

The patch is for version 77784
And it's fixed the cmake for eclipse win32 mingw makefile output:)
Also a warning in VS 2008 on stub.c
Hope someone apply this patch.
And those files that place the
  <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">
Before <title> is just because of
in tag title may contains strange characters such as Chinese
Characters and so on:)

llvmdoc.patch (30.5 KB)

One issue per patch, please.

The HTML changes look fine, but please split them into a separate patch.

- else( MSVC )
+#Support for eclipse and don't need msys or cygwin
+#It's working fine on my computer:)
+ elseif( MINGW AND WIN32 )
+ set( ${var} "i686-pc-win32" PARENT_SCOPE )
+ else ( MINGW AND WIN32 )

The most common triple for MinGW is i686-pc-mingw32, although there
any many different possibilities. Also, comments should be complete
sentences, and should be directed at someone newly looking at the code
rather than a patch reviewer. Someone more familiar with CMake should
also take a look at this.

Are the changes to CMakeLists.txt all whitespace changes? Can you
explain the justification?

- execvp(Interp, (char *const*)Args);
+ execvp(Interp, (const char *const*)Args);

What exactly is the warning here? execvp is normally defined as follows:
    int execvp(const char *file, char *const argv);


Why not just configure the webserver properly, to serve the page with
the appropriate header?

Because these files are static html files.
And so we can direct access to it on the local computer, and don't
need the webserver:)
This is much more simpler for using by those users that don't know how
to configure webserver:)
And also more simple to edit by some IDE such as eclipse wtp:)