I need your Help to solve this Error and Get the Complete Error Report in Cygwin

Dear Prof Dr. John Criswell,
I am doing well professor hope the same with you, i had worked a lot get this and ask your help professor. I will Explain you in detail and give you some attachments and also my Work Area Code on Which a working Currently Please suggest me how to solve this problem it took totally 45 days for me to get this and so that i was not in contact with you

#1 SIGSEGV singal invocation on cygwin but not on Linux…what could be the reason?

#2 Is it LLVM generated intermediated instruction set or something else?

Here in the Image i have sent you the Error Report of cygwin what i have got and now am using the SAFECode 3.2 V Source files and trying to solve with this Version files
i was able to get print the Error Type, Object Start, Object Length, in this report but not with the Program Counter and the Faulting pointer to solve these two i need your help professor.

and also am sharing my Work Space by Drive please have a look professor


I also need another Answer Professor as you have sent me some source files in the github (https://github.com/jtcriswell/safecode-llvm37) you have said me that these were not integrated with Clang and these were Programmed for Windows OS or LINUX OS if so can i use these files by using the Microsoft VS compiler and get the Same Error Report as we have in Linux.

Actually My main AIM is to Link this Compiler to the IBM RTRT tool by using TDP and generate the Errors which are not generated while we use Standard Compiler by Which it will increases the Code Quality ( Which makes Wholesomely a TOOL CHAIN for the MEMORY SAFETY ERRORS) but this should totally done in WINDOWS OS.

Expecting for your Reply ASAP and also Professor I dont leave this project until i get the Same Error Report in Cygwin ( i have Inspired from you i have seen your Dissertation Regarding SVA and how hard it was, it motivates a lot to face challenges like this)