I really cherish this chance for google summer code 2009, If I can do something for LLVM?


here is introduce about myslef:

my personal information:
name:chinese name:Bo Wang
english name:Gawain

Address:Grid Computing group in FIT Building, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China,100084

Phone number(s): +86(010)51537383 ,mobile phone :+8613811700806

E-mail address :gawain102000@gmail.com

I have spent a long time studying the implementation of LCC code generator!! It’s optimization includes in global and local optimization,using the dynamic adjustment for ever step from the leaves to the root to acquire the best performance. I believe still there exists better methods to reach that!!

I ever have studied compilers skill for serveral years and have a deep studied the source code for LCC (open source compilers). I find from the begging to the ending and find no lcc in the support of gsoc.

I do some parallel computing and analyse the code performance ,compilers skill is very important for me to master. the front and end comiling skill is also important!! How to make code to run parallel at the biggest degree is not easy!!