I see at least one test hanging...

Hey all,

On the Linux build bot, I’m seeing at least one test hung here after my change:

It is conceivable that my change to put the test inferior into a separate process group is interfering with timeout handling.

I’ll revert that out and only add it in for OS X where we’re primarily seeing the hangup issue. If that addresses the hangs, then I’ll need to investigate further.

Rolled back here:

➜ lldb svn commit
Sending test/dosep.py
Transmitting file data .
Committed revision 248284.

I’ll re-add this and limit to OS X after I get a chance to review.


I stopped the two builds in progress (that were badly hanging, 20 minutes per test run configuration) until the builder caught up to r248284.


I suspect my issue may have been over-isolation. While I only needed a new process group, I did it by creating a new session. The SIGQUIT used by timeout/gtimeout may not be able to work across sessions.

I’m going to give this another try with just setting the process group without creating a new session. I’ll watch that one as well as it goes through the bot.


I am experiencing a similar issue with the 3.7 branch on all Ubuntu version:
Debian works fine.
Does it ring a bell?


Maybe - can you get me access to a setup that exhibits this and I’ll poke around? Also, is the line in the bug exactly what needs to be run to reproduce?