I source required?

I am using Ubuntu 10.04, I have installed llvm 2.7 using
apt-get(synaptic). I really do not want to install the souce, build

the include is at /usr/include/llvm/
the lib is at /usr/lib/llvm/lib/
the configure stuff is /usr/lib/lvm/build/
the llvm bins is in PATH

I am try to write a configure.ac

any ideas?

Hi Shaun, I didn't understand what you are trying to achieve, what the
problem is. Can you please explain more.




Try make use of the system installed llvm-config script to extract all
data you need for configure.ac in your project.
You can check how other projects that makes use of llvm have implemented
their configure.ac files.

example: around line 410 the icedtea projects configure.ac file it will
detect what llvm version are installed and if it was built as a shared
library or not by making use of llvm-config.