I will be out awhile

I know I am just back from vacations, but I am sorry to inform I will
be out for some time. I am changing jobs here at Google and for some
time I will have to do a bit of both. This would make it hard for me
to keep track of a very vivid project like LLVM.

The good news Is that this should last no more the 4 months from now
and that I am moving to a software developer position that should be a
better match for me. Once this move is completed I should be back at
full speed :slight_smile:

I will still read the llvmdev but not the llvm-commits. If anyone
wants to work on bug 1521 fell free to take ownership of it. I can
explain how and why I implemented something the way I did and I can
also give some suggestions but it is unlikely that I will have time to
code or test some patch.

I am sorry for disappearing awhile (really, this project is very
fun!), but I think this is the best arrangement.

See you soon!