Identifying Compiler Options to Minimize Energy Consumption by Embedded Programs

Hi Everyone,

I'd like to announce a project joint between the University of Bristol and Embecosm. In this project we hope to identify what effect a broad range of compiler options has on the energy consumption of different embedded platforms. To do this we are finding a set of relevant benchmarks, compiling them with different options and measuring their energy consumption on these platforms. We originally announce this project at the GCC Cauldron (presentation here

Questions we'd like to answer:
- Which set of benchmarks are suitable for embedded applications and representative of possible applications?
- What compiler options have the most effect on the power consumption of the device?
- Does choice of compiler make any difference (LLVM or GCC)?
- Does optimizing for speed give the same results as optimizing for energy usage?
- Does choice of architecture make a difference?

We are very interesting in getting opinions and for everyone to be able to see the progress of this project, so a wiki has been set up. You can access the wiki here:

I give you occasional updates here as the work progresses.
All contributions and feedback are very welcome.

James Pallister