If clang can add demo such like llvm-gcc .

We know we can access to http://llvm.org/demo to access the compiler llvm-gcc to show the compiling progress.
I means that if it’s possible to add clang to it to make it easy for users found the result of clang,
And also I think buildbot is a good solution, we know that google using buildbot to developing the chrome, and for every commit,
it build a binary to a repo floder for downling, I think clang also can do this, but not for downloading, just for accessing,
for example, it place to the server, and every one else can easy to access by using the llvm.org/demo url.
And we can select which version to compiling, and we can easy to find out which version is incorrect.
I think it’s must accelerating the developing for developers.:

I don't really see the point; that demo is primarily useful as an
introduction to how C code maps to LLVM IR, and clang usually
generates roughly the same thing as llvm-gcc. If someone wants to
evaluate potentially using clang, an actual binary would be necessary.


Also, the demo page only uses released compilers, and clang hasn't had an official llvm.org release yet.