I'm trying to build Modified LLVM and add a new section in elf headers

I’m trying to build LLVM and add a new .rand section in elf headers.
This thing works on LLVM-6.0.0

But with LLVM 15.0.4 it’s not working.
I’m using the CCR build.sh code for it

LLVM’s C++ API isn’t stable and there’s a big gap between 6.0 and 15.0, so you’re likely to have quite a few more issues like this. In general you’re going to have to look at the headers for both variants and try to work out what’s changed.

In this particular case I think you can just remove the final "" parameter and you’ll get what the original meant (variants that take a group now also need to be told if it’s a COMDAT section).

Unless your main project is updating CCR to a newer LLVM, you might find it easier to keep using the version it actually does work agains.