Implement LLVM Intrinsics in C/LLVM IR


I am basically working on a static analysis project on LLVM IR, and the problem is that I will need to simulate the execution of a few LLVM Intrinsic, such as llvm.bswap.i160, and llvm.ctlz.i256.

I am wondering if there has been some already implemented sample code, regarding these intrinsics? Either C or LLVM IR. Thanks a lot!


Of course, in this sense they are not platform-dependent. I just want to write a semantics-correct version of such intrinsics and let my static analyzer goes smoothly.

Have you looked at these?

Thank you Ryan. Yes, I am aware of them. Just wondering whether there exists a already implemented version of those intrinsics.

So basically I am analyzing a program of LLVM IR with a static analysis tool. And since that tool cannot figure out the meaning of the intrinsics (e.g., llvm.bswap.i256), I will need to “manually” add a function implementation of such intrinsic and let it calls my function. Am I missed something?


Did you look into ?