Implementing Java bindings to LLVM


I read following article in this ML.
I'm implementing the library similar with RAAD's plan.

- AST node classes for LLVM-IR
- LLVM-Assembly writer class
- 100% pure Java
- Without any optimizations
- Without any frontends (parsers)

I would like to release my library publicly
if all problems below could be solved.
(Although it is in the early stage)

My library is the mixture of my original code
and the port of the LLVM (from svn at 2008/11/22) .
In this case, what exactly do I need to do?
(to comply with the LLVM license)

- Do I need to write about quotation
  (from original LLVM) in each source file?
- How do I write 'LICENSE.txt' file?
  (Exactly similar to the original LLVM?)

Any information, however small, would be appreciated.