IMPORTANT: Executables Built In New Location


If you're working from CVS sources and have updated recently, you should
know that the Makefiles now place the tools in a different directory.
This may affect your path. Three changes were made in resolving PR456:

1. $BUILD_OBJ_ROOT/lib/Debug --> $BUILD_OBJ_ROOT/Debug/lib
2. $BUILD_OBJ_ROOT/tools/Debug --> $BUILD_OBJ_ROOT/Debug/bin
3. Example programs are now placed in $BUILD_OBJ_ROOT/Debug/examples

The same is true for Release and Profile builds.

So, if you had /path/to/my/build_obj_root/tools/Debug in your path, you
need to change it to /path/to/my/build_obj_root/Debug/bin.

See for more details.


Also, for what it's worth, it would be a very good idea to delete your old
llvm/tool/Debug directory so that you don't accidentally get stale
executables in the future...