IMPORTANT: llvm-ar requirements

Ignore this at your own peril.

I have committed changes to CVS that introduce a fully functional
llvm-ar tool, and a new lib/Linker library that uses the archive's
symbol table to hasten linking. However, this implies that archives read
by the LLVM tools *must* have an LLVM symbol table in them. This happens
automatically for the crtend.a library, but not for the runtime
libraries produced by the C/C++ Front End. In order to get your programs
to link again, you *must* do the following *after* rebuilding with the
latest CVS sources:

cd lib
llvm-ranlib libiberty.a
llvm-ranlib libstdc++.a
llvm-ranlib libsupc++.a
llvm-ranlib gcc/*/*/libgcc.a
llvm-ranlib gcc/*/*/libgcov.a

This will ensure that the archives built by CFE will have LLVM style
bytecode symbol tables in them.


I forgot to mention ..

This is a temporary requirement. I am working on changes so that an
archive file that doesn't have a symbol table can be linked
successfully, albeit a LOT slower.


This problem has been fixed. It is now possible to link against archives
created with ar (instead of llvm-ar). Doing so will slow down the link,
but at least it works. The instructions below requesting use of
llvm-ranlib are not *necessary* but they are *advised*.