Improved error message when plugin file is not found?


I was trying to load a plugin into clang as follows:

clang -cc1 -load build-ixn/visitor/gcc-4.3/debug/libprintnames -plugin
print-fns test.c

and I got the following error message:

error: unable to find plugin 'print-fns'

After tracing it in a debugger it turns out that the error that was
passed to Diags.Report call was actually "No such file or directory"
which is very different from the error that was printed to the terminal.

The error that was printed said that the plugin was not found but it had
no mention that that was due to the plugin file missing in the first
place. That steered me for a bit in the direction of looking at the
plugin again to ensure that it is correctly defined and such.

Do you think this can be improved to indicate that the root cause of the
problem is the missing plugin file in the first place?