Improving the usability of LNT

Hi Daniel,

I made some changes to the LNT perf reporting tool to make it more user friendly by adding some features:

  1. Make the sidebar and the navigation bar stationary, so that it is easy to navigate the site

  2. Have the pop-down menu for the items in the navigation bar, activate upon hovering the mouse, rather than clicking the item

  3. Add a nav-link in the sidebar for the graph button, so that it is easy to navigate to the bottom of the page in order to graph

  4. Add drop down boxes for Runs and Compare to (in the sidebar) that pops-down upon hover, rather than links to 4 neighboring runs.

  5. Make the execution_time and compilation_time results table as sortable and a checkbox to select all the items in the table.

a. Clicking the workload url in the table will open a new window instead of a tab, for simpler navigation.

b. Next Steps: Add a pop-up to display the graph upon hovering over the workload url, instead of opening a new window.

c. Next Steps: Split the results table into multiple sub-tables depending upon the suite (MultiSource/Applications, …SingleSource/UnitTest) and make use of select-all checkbox and graph all the workloads in the corresponding suite.

d. Next Steps: Add a Geomean button to plot the geomean of all the workloads instead of separate plots for each workload.

If you feel that some of these improvements are valuable, then I can create patches and upload them in Phabricator for review.


With regards,


Hi Sriram,

Those changes sound great, yes I would definitely love to see the patches (ideally split by separate feature if that is easy).

  • Daniel

Wow, that sounds great! Thanks for working on this, and yes, please, send the patches!


Hi Renato, I only have the patch ready for point #1

Thanks for the feedback !