(inaugural?) Austin-area LLVM social

Some of my LLVM colleagues that I only seem to encounter at the annual Bay Area dev meeting live right here in Austin, TX. We should get together for a social, yeah?

And I suppose there’s bound to be more around here who might be interested who haven’t been able to trek to San Jose.

So consider this an official solicitation to Austin area LLVM fans. Write back with interest and I’l put together something for April. If you have constraints about availability, I’ll keep them in mind. I figure I’ll look for a restaurant or bar to host it some weekend evening next week.

Nice idea Brian, I am based in Austin and I would like to socialize with other LLVM engineers in the area.

Constrains: I might not be in town for the week of Apr 29 - May 3rd :slight_smile:


Count me in.
Some of my colleagues will join as well.


Yep, I’m up for it.

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Me too