I have a question about the indirectbr instruction. I attempted to use
it according to the example in the Assembly Language Reference manual,
but got an "expected instruction opcode" error. Poking about on the web
I found this document:

which appears to be a Nov 2, 2009 proposal to add indirectbr and
blockaddress() to the IR language. So I suspect indirectbr is not
supported in the llvm-as 2.5 packaged in Fedora 11, is that correct?


Yes, that is correct. It is supported in the trunk sources, but it has not yet been released.

Yes, that is correct.

That *would* explain why I couldn't figure out how to make llvm-as
understand it. :slight_smile:

...It is supported in the trunk sources, but it has
not yet been released.

OK. I'll stick with my workaround of using an integer state code and a
switch statement for the moment just in the interests of minimizing the
extra complexity beyond what I already have learning the LLVM IR, but at
some point should think about just installing the trunk version (I did a
trial build and had no problems, so I don't anticipate that would be a
huge headache).


Hmm. Would the same also be true of the "inbounds" keyword for GEP? It
doesn't seem to be recognized ("expected type").


The version of LangRef corresponding to LLVM 2.5 is at .


Thanks much, I've bookmarked it. That would have answered both
questions had I had the wit to go looking for release-specific docs. :frowning: