initial putback for implementing mips16/nomips16 attributes - please review

I added one method which clears the list of register classes.

Then there is a change to mips16 code which simulates switching from mips32 to mips16 mode in the same module. It seems to work fine in that I can run this version of llvm for mips16 and it works identical to the one without this code. Beyond the "make check" I have run test-suite against this version.

We could just putback the change to include/llvm/Target/TargetLowering.h but by adding the change to
  which is a nop for the mips16 compiler, we are able to test that this feature works and that doing things this way allows one to change register sets on a per function basis.

The idea here is to add two of the mips32 register sets (including float point which should have a big effect on things) and then computeRegisterProperties() and then revert things to mips16 only registers and call
computeRegisterProperties() again.

I have several more patches I will need to complete this mips16/nomips16 feature but it's easier to do this in pieces.

In the end I will remove this testing code from lib/Target/Mips/Mips16ISelLowering.cpp and create a real test case for this. For now this test code shows how this feature can work for other ports like Arm than have a similar need.

mips16_changer.txt (1.44 KB)