initialize a large static array = clang oom?

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clang 3.3 is fine (although slow)
clang 3.4 will oom

[2632819.135797] Out of memory: Kill process 11919 (clang) score 848
or sacrifice child
[2632819.136017] Killed process 11919 (clang) total-vm:7024768kB,
anon-rss:6925660kB, file-rss:64kB

it boils down to a single line change:

static cache_entry_t cache[APPLY_CACHE_SIZE] = {{ 0 }};

will cause the oom (in 3.3 it will produce a pretty big object file, like 128M)

static cache_entry_t cache[APPLY_CACHE_SIZE];

will fix the oom, the end effect is same, since static variables are
initialized to 0 anyway.