Initialize isel bug - amdgpu

Did you guys notice that because AMDGPU is the only upstream target calling initializeAMDGPUDAGToDAGISelPass(), llvm::SelectionDAGISel::ID is always registered for this pass, so you have to -print-after=amdgpu-isel, even on x86.

Is there a bug for this?

Yeah, it shows up in the print-after… for all targets :slight_smile:

*** IR Dump After PowerPC DAG->DAG Pattern Instruction Selection (amdgpu-isel) ***:

I’ve always found it to be a slight nuisance but didn’t look into fixing it since it has no effect on normal use of the compiler.

Right not a major bug, besides that it also affects debug_type for debug-only, print-after etc. e.g. it might be an issue for scripts.