Initlist lifetime extension error

I was testing a case of extension of lifetime of init list. The Test Case is as follow :

#include <initializer_list>
extern “C” void abort();
bool ok;
bool do_throw;
struct A {
A(int) {
if (do_throw) throw 42;
~A() {
if (!ok) abort();

typedef std::initializer_list AL;
typedef std::initializer_list AL2;
typedef std::initializer_list AL3;

struct B {
AL al;
const AL& alr;

int main(int argc, const char** argv) {
B b = {{5,6},{7,8}};

Clang 3.3 throws error 'reference to type ‘const AL’ (aka ‘const initializer_list’) could not bind to an rvalue of type ‘int’ '. This is because lifetime of init list was not extended. This issue is fixed in trunk version and it does not throw any error. I was trying to backport the change in 3.3. I have identified 5 major revisions - r183283, r183594, r183859, r183872 and r185117. I applied the changes and the Test Case passes in the patched code. However, when i run regression test on patched code, the test gets stuck at 99% at unittest/Transforms/Utils/UtilsTests/IntegerDivision.Urem . Can someone please point out and confirm the correct revision number. Also, why the regression test is getting stuck and not completing?