inline callsites whose function definitions are in different file?

LLVM (2.7 release version) provides 2 implementations for inlining function callsites:

- InlineSimple.cpp (-inline): inline simple callsites according to its cost analysis
- InlineAlways.cpp (-always-inline): inline all callsites that are marked with "always_inline" attribute.

They are both subclasses of Inline.cpp that assumes the function's definition (body) is in the same Module (file) as its callsites (that will be inlined).

I am now having a situation that the functions are defined in file1.c (Module1) but all callsites are spread in file2, file3, ...fileN. Would LLVM be able to inline such callsites at compile time?

I think the right approach is to conduct inlining at link time (via the LTO), but still wonder if it is possible to do it at compile time without heavy hacking.

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At compiler time while compiling file2.c, how would compile know about
function definition in file1.c ?

I don't, and the compiler doesn't neither, that is the problem, unless I do hacking at compile time.
- put all such function's definitions into file1.c
- force to compile file1.c 1st.
- when compiling file2.c:
   . read file1.bc
   . attach to file2's module
   - do inline analysis + inlining
   - detach the attached file1.bc functions
- repeat for other files.

But I don't think this is a good/elegant approach, thus asking the LLVM-Dev group.

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This is what LTO does.

One difference is, usually LTO stitches all modules together before
inlining instead of individually attaching/detaching .bc files. This
is because what if file2.c uses a function from file9.c ?

Ya, I agree with you. The answer is, do such types of inlining at link time.

Thanks Devang