Inlining function calls to complex numbers functions

Hello clang developers,

Recently I’ve run into issue where gcc outperforms clang by many factors. After investigation and profiling I’ve noticed that calls to some complex numbers operations like “cabs” aren’t inlined but rather dynamically linked (which doesn’t happen in case of gcc). Further investigation shows that (looking at lib/CodeGen/CGBuiltin.cpp) clang has very few basic builtins for complex numbers and missing out some important ones, is there any reason why wasn’t this implemented? And if there is no reason, is there a possibility to have such feature in clang? I could possibly add some of these functions, as I’m a student and I’d feel great to have some lines of code in clang compiler.

Please do feel free to file a bug (at ) and/or submit a patch (e.g., ). Contributions in this regard are certainly welcome. -Hal