InputInfo constructor arg


I'm trying to assemble a file output by an EmitAssembly action. The
runtime assert I hit is "Assertion failed: (isInputArg() && "Invalid
accessor."), function getInputArg, file
/Volumes/Data/Users/mike/llvm/tools/clang/lib/Driver/InputInfo.h, line

I traced down the assert to the fact that when constructing the
InputInfo for my assembly file, I wasn't using the "InputInfo(const
Arg *_InputArg, types::ID _Type, const char *_BaseInput)" constructor.
However, I have no idea what "_InputArg" is supposed to represent. Can
someone explain how I'd construct an appropriate argument to represent
an assembly file?


Looking at the constructor again, I realized I was being very stupid
:). I didn't need to use the _InputArg constructor, but instead the
file that took in the filename as an arg. Anyway, for future
reference, what I did was:

      driver::InputInfo Input(assemblyFile.c_str(),driver::types::TY_Asm,NULL);

where assemblyFile.c_str() is the filename of the assembly file.