Inquiries about the C/C++ parser

Hi, all

  Recently Im seeking for a C/C++ parser for my project. and known Clang from TCC(Tiny C Compiler) mail list. could anyone please tell me what the approximate size of the Clang (I only concern on C/C++ parser part), and the C and C++ parser was both available now ?

  Thanks a lot in advance.


What do you mean by size? You can check out clang with the instructions here:


Thanks for you response. Chris!
the size means the LOC of the C/C++ parser of the Clang.
I just want to use Clang as code analyser for C/C++ project. so I need to know if the C and C++ parser was both available now?


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According to the project's current size is
about 32000 LoC.

That is about right. That count includes a lot of stuff that isn't strictly parser related.

Note that clang is a good basis for C analysis projects right now, but is not far enough along the line to be usable for analyzing C++ apps.


Hi Shang,

C++ is not available right now. The C front end is getting better every day. Someone is already using Clang as an analyzer. You should be able to modify it as you wish.